SATCOM – Satellite Communication Ltd., a Brithol Michcoma group company, was the first licensed private telecommunications operator in Mozambique in 1999, therefore, acquiring license nº 1 as a private telecommunications provider issued by the Mozambican National Institute of Communications (INCM).

Since the beginning of its operations in 2001, SATCOM’s core business has been providing communications via satellite. The installation of a ground satellite station (teleport) in Maputo enabled SATCOM to offer voice, data and internet communication services via satellite in all its coverage area, since then, attracting clients all throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Through strategic partnerships with other international teleporters/ teleproviders, SATCOM was able to transmission Africa-Europe traffic, allowing it to implement an innovative communications project via satellite and permitting SATCOM to compete with other international operators within the market.

In the past years, we have invested continuously in our infrastructure and in the development of our human resources through training programs, guaranteeing human and professional development of our technical team that has transcended into the SATCOM team’s great and dedication towards our clients.

Our experience in Africa, with more than 500 VSAT installations, from the deserts of Niger to rainy forests of the National Gorongoza Park in Mozambique, proves that we have the experience and the knowhow to successfully implement any project.

We strongly believe that we have the most suitable solutions for your business needs and that you will find in SATCOM not just a provider, but a partner.


SATCOM services are divided into 3 segments:

  • IP circuits via satellite (VSAT topology “star” and “mesh”) and wireless:
  • Internet connection (via VSAT and wireless) dedicated and shared:
  • Voice, video and data circuits (via VSAT and wireless);
Added Value Services:
  • Hosting servers;
  • PBX Hosting services;
  • E-mail and WebPages Hosting;
  • Professional services in the configuration and maintenance of Cisco equipment;
  • Professional service in outsourcing support services to TI;
  • Consultancy in satellite and wireless networks;
  • Management and engineering of telecommunication projects;
  • Analysis and auditing of performance and safety of communications infrastructure;
  • Freight management services (via satellite and GPRS);
  • Installation, maintenance and support of land stations and remote terminals (VSAT);
  • Installation, maintenance and support of structural cabling (voice and data);
  • Installation, maintenance and support of Voice servers (PBX’s IP);
  • Installation, maintenance and support of video conference systems;

SATCOM can develop your projects turnkey. We hold (are a part of) a network of partnerships that allows us to offer services outside of our core business at preferential rates to our clients. SATCOM assumes all responsibility for the execution of a project and provides the client with a sole reference of contact for the entire life of the project.

With the best interest of our clients in mind, SATCOM provides a well-prepared technical staff at the Brithol Michcoma branches in the provinces of Beira, Nampula, Quelimane, Pemba, Lichinga and Tete for first-line support situations.